Friday, June 21, 2013

First Time Thrifters

I always get excited watching thrifting videos because people are so insanely creative with the things that they find. I guess to me, thrifting is kind of like a treasure hunt. The more patient and persistent you are, the more gems you end up finding. As fun and exciting as it seems, I always felt a little hesitant to try it out myself. Perhaps I never felt the inspiration to go out and find cool things. Or maybe I'm just confused about how to properly clean thrifted clothing items.

However, as a break away from our usual routines (i.e. going to the mall or going to T.J. Maxx), Van and I decided to give it a try.We went to a thrift store called Last Chance to see if we could score some good purchases. I drive pass this store almost everyday but this was the first time I actually entered the store.

We went into the store without any expectations or obligations. If we found anything, we would consider buying it. If not, then we'd just take it as another experience.  More than anything, though, we were just trying to entertain ourselves. And entertaining, it certainly was. We picked out quite a few items, but decided to not buy it knowing that we would probably never wear it. Instead, we did end up purchasing two white blouses (I know, we're always TWINSIES when it comes to shopping). Last Chance was having a buy one get one on all their shirts and so our grand total came up to be around $5.00 for both shirts. We're thinking about possibly doing a $20 outfit challenge which would definitely inspire us to go thrifting more often. But all in all, it is was a fun experience!  


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