Friday, July 5, 2013

Don't Rain On My Parade

A friend of mine was criticizing me for apparently putting too much effort on the way I looked. She says that I should save that money and use it towards something more "practical." And while I don't entirely disagree with this logic, my response to this is that you only live for so long. You're only young for so long. I feel that its normal and natural to be vain and to want to look more presentable, not for anyone else's sake, but for your own. And as long as it makes me as an individual happy, what difference does it make to anyone else? I'm not asking anyone to buy me anything. I'll use my own money to buy the things I want. If that's the case, then how am I doing anyone else any harm? I think that everyone values different things. Hence, it's unreasonable to think that just because you find something meanless and stupid that everyone else should agree. In her opinion, I may be wasting my time doing pointless things, but in my own opinion, it's meaningful and fun. It makes me happy. And to me that's a million times more valuable than money. Ain't nobody gonna rain on my parade. So keep your clouds out of my life. 

Muscle Tee from Forever21
Dress (worn as a skirt) from T.J.Maxx
Flat Top straw hat from Charming Charlie
Nude heels and Leather bag from Aldo

Some Extra behind the scenes of Van :)