Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Cleaning

I've always been a bit of a hoarder... Okay, that's a lie. I've always been an extreme hoarder. For some strange reason, I feel such strong emotional attachment to my materialistic belongings. Even when I find absolutely no use for things anymore, I just have the tendency to keep it folded and tucked away in some corner. For that reason, I still have clothes and things from when I was in middle school, high school and my early years of college. In a few short months I'll be starting a new chapter in my life and so I figured it's the right time to find a new home for my no longer used possessions....

I spent a few hours just digging through my old clothing and accessories and packing them away in cardboard boxes to be donated. As I pulled out each thing, I started to recall when I bought it, how often I wore it and how much I loved or hated it. Somehow it made me remember who I was at that moment. I remember in high school I was obsessed with Hollister. I remember how "cool" I felt when I wore those (ugly) t-shirts with the big Hollister logos printed across them. It made me cringe to see how many of those t-shirts my teenage self owned.

Cringe-inducing? Yes. Embarrassing? No. I think we all go through phases in our life where we want to be who we're not. I thought I was "cool" in high school, because I dressed like everyone else. But now that I'm a young adult, I appreciate who I am. I love that I can dress however I like without having to impress anyone but myself.