Saturday, June 22, 2013

DIY Studded Denim Shirt

Stole another one of my mom's denim shirts and studded the collar. I think I might just have an obbession with collars. I find that they are a nice little detail that gives a shirt some personality. I decided to pair the denim shirt with a pleather taupe skirt that I got from forever21 a while back (I think my entire wardrobe might just consist of Forever21 items). Does anyone know how you can wash/clean pleather? I suppose I could just take it to the dry cleaners but for the price that I paid, it's really not worth the trouble. Let me know!


Denim Shirt from My Mom's closet
Black Dress (worn as a shirt) from Express
Pleather Taupe Skirt from Forever21
Aviator Shades from Forever21
Colorblocking brown and grey bag from T.J. Maxx 
Black closed toe wedges from Target ($5!!!)

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